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ETFO Bluewater Local Committees

Equity and Social Justice Committee

Our Committee:
Rachelle MacLeod – Chair, Eva Robinson, Jennifer Stocovaz – Executive Liaison, Colleen Zagrodnik, Sarah Garcia-Peacock, Amber Stephens

Status of Women Committee

Our Committee:
Courtney Kellar, Kelly Power, Eva Robinson, Heather Gardhouse, Laurel MacMillan, Louise McBride, Allison St. Martin, Amy Stephen – Executive Liaison, Nicole Taylor – Chair

Political Action &
Public Relations Committee

Our Committee:
Patricia Silk, Jason MacDonald – Chair, Louise McBride, Lauri Nevins, Cheryl Rapke, Dorothy Oberle, Amy Stephen – Executive Liaison

Benefits Committee

Our Committee:
Julie Stanley – Chair, Amy Stephen, Ann Marie Heuser, Laurel MacMillan

New Teachers’ Committee

Our Committee:

Andrew Chittka, Kyle Smith, Amy Stephen – Executive Liaison, Sanda Rimay, Ann Marie Heuser, Sherifat Ogunyomi, Colleen Martindale – Chair


FNMI Committee

Our Committee:
Perl Quesada-Marder, Sarah Clark – Chair, Amy Stephen – Executive Liaison, Amber Stephens, Sarah Garcia-Peacock, Paul Boisvert, Andrew Chittka

Collective Bargaining Committee

Our Committee:
Sarah Clark, Bob Hoare, Julie Stanley, Lauri Nevins – Chair, Jennifer Stocovaz – Chief Negotiator, Amy Stephen, Jason MacDonald



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