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ETFO Bluewater Local Committees

Equity and Social Justice Committee

Our Committee:
From left: Wendy Tooke, Lisa Boyington, Lorraine Danton, Avis Dalgarno, Alanna Wilkie, Nancy Shaw

Missing: Tyler Boyle, Edie Duncan, Charles Glasspool, Kirsten Ryan, Pam Walker

Status of Women Committee

Our Committee:
From left: Lisa Boyington, Donita Wagler, Kelly Merrifield, Leslie McIntyre, Tina Samounty, Eva Robinson, Kelly Power

Missing: Stacey Ireton, Nicole Taylor, Andrea Rideout

Political Action &
Public Relations Committee

Our Committee:
From left: Lisa Boyington, Amy Stephen, Lauri Nevins, Jason MacDonald, Dorothy Oberle, Patricia Silk

Missing: Jennifer Stocovaz, Kent Boys, James Spaetzel, Sarah Clark

Benefits Committee

Our Committee:
Top from left – Jennifer Cooper, Lisa Boyington, Kellie Reed. Bottom from left – Ann Odor, Julie Stanley, Clare Shannon.

New Teachers’ Committee

Our Committee:
From left: Sarah Clark, Kerri Stafford, Kevin Farrow, Kent Boys, Leanne Stredwick, Jessie Lamberti

Missing: Jen Stocovaz, Heather Guardhouse, Karen Shaw and Kim Schubert

FNMI Committee

Our Committee:
From left: Lisa Boyington, Edie Duncan, Donita Wagler, Sarah Clark, Lauri Nevins, Amber Stephens

Collective Bargaining Committee

Our Committee:
From top left: Amy Stephen, Julie Stanley, Kelly Merrifield, Jennifer Stocovaz. From bottom left: Bob Hoare, Jason MacDonald, Lauri Nevins, Lisa Boyington


Men’s Focus Committee


This committee is inactive for the 2018-2019 school year


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